NevadaSYSTEM – Eastern Sunrise EP

NevadaSYSTEM is back on Spotify with his EP, “Eastern Sunrise”, pairing crisp, ethereal vocals with growling, old-school growling bass.  As the melody progresses, organic eastern instruments flow seamlessly to draw listeners into a twilight sunrise.  Cutting echoes of one of the world’s oldest instrument – the Chinese zither – are overlaid on top of a rhythmically cut bassline that meshes seamlessly to a thrumming melodic techno tune.

Stream Here :

NevadaSYSTEM has his very own unmistakable sound, which is ever present in his newest offering. 

NevadaSYSTEM, based out of NYC/Dallas. Nevada SYSTEM produce progressive house music with organic instruments. Earlier this year and have garnered 52k+ global listeners from the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the UK. In addition, we have 14,000+ monthly recurring Spotify listeners.