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Never The Brave drop heartfelt new single ‘Painkillers’

Never The Brave  ‘Painkillers’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Fresh London duo will release their debut EP ‘Honest’ early next year

London-based two-piece Never The Brave have unveiled their new single ‘Painkillers’, out now via FutureKind / OUTCRY.

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A sombre, hard-hitting single that tackles themes of depression and losing a loved one, ‘Painkillers’ is a stunning yet affecting track that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

It follows on from debut single ‘Darkness Here’, a soaring, indie-tinged ballad that immediately illustrated the duo’s polished musical talents. Both tracks will feature on ‘Honest’Never The Brave’s hotly anticipated debut EP, out early 2020.

Never The Brave are comprised of Kiris, a Latin Grammy-winning writer and composer, and Kingsley, a power baritone vocalist and accomplished performer. They’ve worked in the industry for over a decade separately, writing behind the scenes and also as part of a band.

After facing certain restraints, difficulties and frustrations over the course of their careers individually, Kiris and Kingsley came together to take total control of their narratives, something that they’d previously been denied. Through Never The Brave, the guys have found a way of channeling their negative experiences within the industry into their music, giving them a voice and a powerful sentiment.

The duo arrive in 2019 with a wealth of experience under their belts, recording under the guidance of executive producer Nathan Duvall (of Disciples), a world-renowned songwriting and touring artist.

“This debut EP is about overcoming adversity” says Kiris, speaking on the themes that bind the release together. “No matter the madness you’re in, there’s always light out there in the world.”

An exceptionally talented duo with bags of experience to match, Never The Brave look poised to take the British music industry by storm.

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