New York Pavements raise awareness of men’s mental health with ‘Slam The Door’

New York Pavements release their visceral new single Slam The Door, out now.

Known for taking the swagger of the nineties, the energy of Brit Pop and feeding it through a thoroughly modern filter, New York Pavements bring a fresh energy to the classic rock world. Slam The Door combines elements of indie, rock, funk and soul in order to create a sound that is oozing with energy. It captures the instinctive emotion of a fractured relationship with biting in-your-face lyrics depicting a couple’s fierce argument. This is the first single to be released from New York Pavements’ upcoming album, introducing the story of protagonist Jack and the deterioration of his mental health.

Hailing from West London, New York Pavements are Paul Brooking (producer) and Matt Bond (lead vocals). They will be releasing eight singles in total – an initial series of covers followed by five originals building up to the debut album Outside The Glasshouse in 2023. The whole project includes an award-winning (Cannes Shorts, Overcome Festival, London Independent Film Festival) short film written and directed by Paul Brooking (Plan B, Viola Beach, Family Jools, LAPP), with the cast appearing in both the videos, cover art and in a photographic essay.  The aim of the album and film is to raise awareness of the hugely important condition of men’s mental health in their forties and fifties, and New York Pavements will be working with a leading mental health charity on the project (TBA shortly).