Sound of Berlin A&R Pawas Releases Dubby House Record ‘Beginning EP’ On 2 September

What do you get when you take those cottony, sweeping pads of IDM and throw some of that good ol’ trancey Roland TB-303 squelch into the mix?

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Intelligent house, of course. That is how Pawas Gupta – Sound of Berlin A&R by day, DJ-producer hyphenate by night – describes the fluid, spacious beats of ‘Beginning EP’ (out on Sound of Berlin 2 September) in what appears to be more than a nod to his early idols Satoshie TomiieUnderworld, and Daft Punk. His aptly named EP represents a turning point on Pawas’ career, an opportunity to move away from his desk and get back into the studio. “As the EP title says, after a few months break I decided to work on my original style of music which I did ignore for a while,” Pawas wrote.

It is a versatile and detailed record equally suited for a full house at OHM in Berlin (‘Beginning’) or an early evening at Sunset Ashram over in Ibiza (‘Hangover’), even a pair of closed back studio headphones for a listener who has exceeded their recommended intake. “Hangover is more on the dub side which is the style I love to produce in my free time,” Pawas explained. “In this case it was done with a heavy head, hence the name…”

In a city renowned for its dance music scene and frequently ranked as the number one destination for the best nightlife in Europe, comedowns are a given. But there is another side to it Pawas has become familiar with since his move from India back in 2009.

“Being the kind of city Berlin is, it can bring out the best or worst in you, and in my case, it was healthy mix of both. However, it did help me evolve as a DJ and producer and made a lot of unthinkable things possible.”

In the electronica circuit, DJ and producer Pawas Gupta needs no introduction. Pawas works in a space where melodies, musicianship, and atmospheric sounds fuse to create what he calls ‘intelligent house’. His music resonates the journey back from his early days as a DJ in India to an independent producer in Germany. From his classical roots in tabla and percussion to his deep, Detroit influenced in house, techno and minimal, Pawas has carved his niche.