Presenting a sonic escape from reality, New Zealand-based rapper Waguan and maverick production duo IceyGhosts announce their forthcoming full-body collaboration ‘Happy Place’. Giving a first glimpse into their musical musings, the debut single ‘Blang’ is out now on BB Music Group.

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Demonstrating their innate musical talents with a masterful first offering, ‘Blang’ sets the stage for their collaborative project. Juxtaposing glistening vocal snippets with darker lyrics, ‘Blang’ achieves the perfect balance between IceyGhosts heavy set production style and Waguan’s mesmerising songwriting style. Speaking about the first single, Waguan said, “it’s very very very dark and twisted when you listen to the lyrics in detail. You’ll find it is evident that I am rapping about being trapped, feeling like my light is being snuffed out, and how much it hurts when you feel like it’s your job to spread that light, but can’t.” – Waguan.

Driving over eight hours to work together during New Zealand’s first COVID lockdown, Waguan travelled from his home in Wellington to Auckland city, where IceyGhost were based during the pandemic. Tuning out the world and channeling all their energy into the studio, they pushed their boundaries and discovered new sonic territories.

Zimbabwean born, New Zealand raised, 21-year-old Waguan is destined to turn the music scene on its head with his undeniably potent energy. Inspired by the likes of Kanye West and Russell Brand, Waguan takes a radically artistic approach to music and life in general. Gaining interest in music during his junior years in high school, Waguan started to participate in rap battles. His determination was ignited when a school teacher refused to enter him into the talent show, saying his rap skills were not good enough. Dedicated to proving her wrong, and fuelled by an inextinguishable passion, he spent endless hours producing and writing verses from his bedroom. Gaining rapid recognition, he started collaborating with bigger names in the NZ scene such as Jess B, Church & Ap, Soraya Lapread and many more. Leading him to perform all over New Zealand at various festivals and private events, Waguan’s intrinsic talent and magnetic personality have seen him rise at breakneck speed.

Globally renowned for their slick arrangements and heavy drums, production pair IceyGhosts have made waves internationally with co-writes for the likes of Jess B, Pharoahswami, Nauti, Waguan, Mo Muse and the BLK City Crew, and many more. Hailing from the streets of Pretoria (South Africa) and Kiel (Germany), IceyGhosts began their individual musical journeys through traveling and interacting with artists worldwide. Knowing that rapping and singing wasn’t their niche, the duo invested their energy as beatmakers and engineers, hoping to enter the industry and shake up the notion that the producer must remain the background. Brought together by fate, Zyl and Lion worked together on a track through a mutual friend’s recommendation. Drawing influence from absolutely everywhere, IceyGhosts have used music as a vehicle for not only processing their own perspectives and emotions, but also providing a platform for other artists to find and express themselves through the groove.

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