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Night Tales “Move You” New Project by Third Floor & Kamaliza via Majestic Casual

In their own right, Kamaliza and Third Floor have been smashing through 2017 releasing hit singles as solo projects. Now, they’ve joined forces and together they are Night Tales.

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The debut single for this Sydney electronic duo is ‘Move You’, a syncopated party starter for the deep underground. This collaborative project is a creative infusion from both their solo projects however injects a little something extra.

“We wanted to create and explore more dance floor focused music, but still stay true to the DNA of our individual projects. The result of this super duo project has enabled us to bring out a more moodier yet passionate side of our creative minds,” Night Tales said.

Lyrically, this song tells the tale of an unrequited love and following your intuition. The duo worked on it for about six months, restructuring the ballad-like composition into something more in line with the electronic genre.

“Our music is fuelled by unspoken emotion. Its almost as if we are discovering what the song is about along the way. Step by step we begin to carve out the characters and qualities of the song that best fit the emotional direction. Where words in our every day life fall short we try to let our music speak” – Night Tales

‘Move You’ is the first of many singles to come from this new project. The duo continues to push themselves to make the best dance music possible, and can’t wait to share their new music with the world.


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