Night Tapes build a sonic dreamscape on new EP ‘Perfect Kindness’

The London trio invites listeners into their immersive nighttime world

DIY dream pop trio Night Tapes return with their hotly anticipated EP Perfect Kindness, out today on Nettwerk Music Group.


Following a string of rapturously received singles together reaching nearly one million Spotify streamsNight Tapes’ third EP arrives alongside hypnotic focus track ‘Moonrise’, which sails in on a sea of warm, crackling piano chords over a slick trip-hop beat.

Elsewhere on Perfect Kindness, opener and lead single ‘Selene’ sets the mood, pairing a warm, silky bassline with a minimalist drum loop, before the dancey ‘Inigo’ shows the band’s versatility with a shuffling dancehall-inspired groove. Next up, spacey slow jam ‘Humans (Elevated Mix)’ combines louche melodies with shimmering synths to create a nostalgic yet timeless sonic feel. Title track ‘Perfect Kindness’ is a tranquil moment, with a delicate bass melody and hazy ambience shrouding lead singer Iiris Vesik’s velvety tones, before ‘Silent Song’ builds to an uplifting climax, capping off the EP with a stunning performance by Vesik.

Night Tapes started out as evening jams between housemates Max Doohan, Sam Richards and Iiris Vesik in London. Night time London, genre-blending, multi-fidelity recordings and honest reflection contribute to their atmospheric soundscapes that ultimately make for fresh and envelope-pushing dream pop. Night Tapes take inspiration from both their lived experience in the world that they can see and touch, as well as the less tangible spiritual and metaphysical realm. 

The band have previously released two EPs: Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo and Download Spirit. Their debut single ‘Forever’ has reached over five million plays, and their music has been championed by TurtlenekPaste MagazinePigeons & PlanesDUMMY MagazineAt The BarrierDavid Dean Burkhart and Majestic Casualchannels. Having signed to Nettwerk Music Group in 2022, Night Tapes are going from strength to strength.

Fleshing out the band’s aesthetic and sonic vision, Perfect Kindness takes listeners deep inside Night Tapes’ world of languid nighttime house beats and shimmering soundscapes. A masterfully crafted EP from the London trio.

Perfect Kindness – EP tracklist

  1. Selene
  2. Inigo
  3. Humans (Elevated Mix)
  4. Moonrise
  5. Perfect Kindness
  6. Silent Song

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