Nitepunk Returns to HARD Recs With His Euphoric, Kaleidoscopic Single “Black and Colors”

The L.A-based phenom expands his versatile catalog on HARD Recs with a euphoric single.

Nitepunk returns to HARD Recs with his latest single, “Black and Colors,” a kaleidoscopic bass track teeming with vibrant sound design. 

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Currently operating out of Los Angeles, the low-end deviant has been busy piecemealing a spectacular body of work for the HARD imprint over the last couple of years. His penchant for blistering breaks and adrenaline-rushing bass music has shined through on every single he’s turned in to the label thus far. On his next appearance, however, Nitepunk refracts his gritty persuasions into a prism of euphoria to create a woozy wave creation imbued with blissful emotion. 

Black and Colors” dives into a technicolor world governed by love and life-affirming exuberance. Joined by the talented New York-based singer Isa, this velvety piece warms the soul with its seemingly effortless vocal delivery. Her mellifluous tones speak pure positivity into existence. And the uplifting wavelength she rides is amplified to the heavens through an enriching palette composed of barking synths, sweeping guitar riffs, tender piano keys, swirling atmospherics, percussive complexities, and splashes of trap elements. 

Nitepunk shares a few words about the meaning behind his new single:  “This song personally makes me feel like I’m on a cool adventurous nostalgic journey and the final destination is a state where everything kinda blossoms inside me, feeling all the best things together: Happiness, peace, love, childlike excitement about life, energy, flying high and free. I think this is a song where I see colors in the most sparkling way in terms of synesthesia. I want to write music for everybody and I think this is one of those records where, no matter what you listen to or are into, you will find a piece of you inside it, or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.”

Isa adds onto the conversation with her thoughts: I want to promote positivity or provoke thought, so I love the message. ‘Black and Colors’ was the name of the track already so ‘color me in love” was a no-brainer and one of my favorite lines to date; it makes me feel bubbly while singing it. It’s a feel-good song touching on insecurity, hurt and that person who inspires you to be great.”

Born in the country of Georgia, the New York transplant Nitepunk has solidified his name within the electronic music sphere after countless head-turning bass creations that continue to break down the barriers between breakbeat, dubstep, trap, and wave. He’s demonstrated his versatility time and time again with the HARD Recs crew with his previous singles, “MTV,” “Miracle,” and his debut offering “Flow,” which featured vocal work from the lovely Isa. They are now back in action together for another crowd-approved single, having been previewed in his set on the cosmicMEADOW stage during this year’s EDC Las Vegas

Black and Colors” is another jaw-dropping offering from the madman that is Nitepunk, and it serves as a marvelous pitstop on the road to his forthcoming package soon to be released on HARD Recs

Nitepunk’s new single “Black and Colors” is available on all platforms via HARD Recs.

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Renowned for curating the most cutting-edge lineups, HARD has solidified itself as a cultural institution within the live events space by continuously staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving dance scene. In 2018, they extended this forward-thinking ethos into their first compilation album, ‘HARD Summer 2018,’ an 18-track package aimed at showcasing the most sought-after sounds in house, techno, bass, trap and hip-hop music. With the launch of their very own HARD Recs imprint, they are providing a platform for the artists sprawled across their many stages at HARD Summer, Holy Ship!, and Day of the Dead. As its first full-fledged artist signing, they recruited UK powerhouse JOYRYDE, who has since released a string of high-octane singles, which eventually led up to his massive debut studio album, ‘BRAVE.’ Good Times Ahead (fka GTA) has graced the catalog with 2019’s ‘Good Times Bad Times at Hard Summer’ mixtape, featuring a star-studded roster that brought together high-profile acts such as Flosstradamus, What So Not, and more. Grammy-nominated sensation Wuki has also been enlisted to the roster, with respective singles featuring Diplo, Snappy Jit, Stoppa, and Juvenile leading up to the forthcoming release of his debut studio album. The most recent artist invited to join the ranks is Portuguese bass music maestro HOLLY. With many more new signings coming down the pipeline, HARD Recs will remain dedicated to its mission of shining a light on established legends and on-fire newcomers alike from all across the spectrum of contemporary music.  

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