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Novaa drops sci-fi themed video ‘AI Am In Love’

Novaa drops sci-fi themed video ‘AI Am In Love’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Taken from new album ‘The Futurist’ due 2020 

“A dreamy electronic tune about falling in love and artificial intelligence” – Girls Are Awesome

Berlin based experimental pop artist Novaa is pleased to announce details of her brand new album ‘The Futurist’ due early next year and will pre-empt its release with a new single ‘AI Am In Love’, exploring themes of love, relationships and artificial intelligence.

“It’s about falling in love with an artificial intelligence”, Novaa says. It is an idea that’s been explored in various sci-fi films and after all, it’s happened to all of us already, to some extent. For its video (think Amélie in Science Fiction), Novaa has written the script herself and is also directing it, taking matters yet again into her own hands and creating her very own, very unique macrocosm.

Following on from her acclaimed self-titled debut LP released earlier this year, Novaa explores the future on her forthcoming album The Futurist. Or rather: how we used to see the future, how we used to imagine the future. A future that actually might be our reality today:

“So many technologies influence us profoundly, but they are barely discussed in the public”, Novaa explains. She’s always been interested in futuristic topics, pestering her physicist brother to explain the world of technology, physical laws and inventions to her, devouring podcasts, documentaries, and books dealing with ideas of the future. “I wanted to break down really complicated matters into something more understandable and emotional”, she says. And this is how The Futurist was born. Its songs are more than just brilliant pop songs by a really great young writer, they’re intended as conversation starters. “I don’t want them to evaluate the ideas expressed in them”, Novaa clarifies, “they are neutral. Just a starting point.”


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