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Nowhere Nation Releases Debut Single “Omicron” Off Forthcoming Visual Concept Album

Nowhere Nation Omicron ile ilgili görsel sonucu

(Los Angeles, May 15th, 2019) Visionary rock band Nowhere Nation has released their debut single, “Omicron,” the title track from the band’s forthcoming visual concept album that tells the story of a corrupt, beyond-secret government agency. PRESS HERE to watch the animated video for “Omicron.” Check out the first listen on New Noise Magazine. Created by Arthur Blume and produced by Doug Rockwell (5 Seconds of Summer, Sleeping with Sirens), each track from Omicron threads together a rich concept depicted across the album’s twelve tracks architected similar to an adrenaline-pumping mini-movie. The world of Omicron (release date TBA) is inspired by the current socio-political climate in the United States, and features accompanying graphic-novel-style illustrations by Aidan Hughes of KMFDM fame. The mysterious and alluring “Omicron”recounts the first part of the album’s gripping story, which depicts a revolutionary romantic triangle between a secret agent, an assassin, and the head of an uber-secret agency all through the lens of social critique.

“Omicron” introduces the story of Seven, a secret agent that finds himself in a state of constant paranoia and hypervigilance, haunted by flashbacks of the immoral operations he’s been involved in. Safely in an airport after killing one of his pursuers, he sees news of a bombing in a refugee camp, feels haunting guilt for placing the bomb, and resolves to leave the agency. The cinematic instrumentals and lyrics provide a vivid look into the character’s perturbed state of mind. Seven reflects: “what’s my name and what’s my crime, a whole life I don’t recognize.”
“Omicron, both the album and the song, mean a great deal to me. I’ve spent years ruminating about the challenges America and the world has faced over the last twenty years, the trials yet to come, and how people will grapple with those challenges both alone and amidst all kinds of relationships,” shares Blume. “I feel incredibly lucky to be bringing this story and characters to life via Doug Rockwell’s amazing production and Aidan Hughes’ unforgettable art, and I’m beyond excited to finally welcome listeners into the world of Omicron and beyond.”
Stay tuned for more updates on Nowhere Nation and the forthcoming album Omicron. .
(Illustration courtesy of Aidan Hughes)

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