Nur Jaber‘s upcoming EP is an energetic tribute to the 8 years lived in Berlin

In My Memory is a tribute to the 8 years that Nur Jaber lived in Berlin. 

A city of chaos, darkness and beauty all at the same time. As always, Jaber releases an EP that highlights vocals and collaborations with artists that coincidentally come into her life at a perfect timing. 

A1 is a collaboration with a German rapper that she met after one of her gigs in Leipzig; On the dancefloor at sunrise, she heard him rapping and instantly knew this was the next creation. After sending him the text she wrote during the pandemic (tired of all the rules, regulations & lack of dancing) he made some adjustments & ‘Energie & Liebe’ was created. 

A2 ‘In My Memory’ brings power where you can feel Jaber’s double personality of light and dark fighting each other brilliantly, which is also represented in her DJ sets. 

B1 is a banging remix from the one and only O.B.I. whose tracks are found in almost every one of her sets. 

Ending the EP on a melancholic & hopeful note, B2 introduces ‘Dance Dance (with the morning light)’ with featured vocals from the artist herself. ‘I kept waking up singing these words, after a dream of us dancing under the moonlight in a big rave somewhere by the mountains.’ says Nur.

artist Nur Jaber
title In My Memory
label OSF
date 15th July
format Vinyl, Digital
cat. # OSF012


1. Energie & Liebe feat. Repeat
2. In My Memory
3. In My Memory (O.B.I. Remix)
4. Dance Dance (with the Morning light)