Odyssette provides dynamic electronic rework of Ferielle’s ‘Grand Écran’

Retro-futuristic producer Odyssette has lent his hands to remix duties for French songstress Ferielle’s single ‘Grand Écran’ – out now via Parisian label Finalistes and London Web3 imprint DRRT Records


Offering an edgier take on Ferielle’s charming soundscape, Odyssette’s rework commands attention from the opening beat, packing in warbling bass and punchy synths, for a hypnotic electronic-fuelled feast for the ears. Taking Ferielle’s entrancing single from day to night, Odyssette breathes new energy into the production whilst retaining the raw emotion of the original. 
Summarising his treatment perfectly, Ferielle said “The first time I heard the remix of Grand écran by Odyssette I was so surprised at how he managed to keep the soul of the song but still change the whole mood, I loved it. Now when I listen to it, I picture myself skateboarding at night with the city lights dancing with the speed. Odyssette created a whole new universe and I am here for it, yahoo!”
“When I first heard Grand écran, I immediately realised that it’s a great song and it had a brilliant composition. I really loved the original version but I wanted to give it my ‘point of view’, a more up-tempo and dance sense.. so I focused initially on the vocals. I really love to play and experiment with vocals. The synthwave/dance mood came together effortlessly for me, almost physically while I worked on the remix (synthwave and dance music is my thing after all). The French language also to me helped it sound more exotic when I was putting my spin on it. The combination of all the above created in my humble opinion, a great dance/up-tempo remix of this beautiful song.” Odyssette
The second remix to come from the burgeoning producer this month alone, it’s clear why Odyssette is becoming something of a ‘go-to’ for artists looking for a sympathetic yet bold adaptation. Working on a host of projects, including an upcoming album, there’s a lot more to come from this production powerhouse. 

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