OKO & John White release ‘Ever Want’

OKO and John White have teamed up to release ‘Ever Want’ on TATT Records. With the track sitting on the shelf for a year, both artists decided to come back to it and rework the production to make it fit their current projects. 


John White: ‘’We have always worked on music together over the years and have found out that some songs click and some don’t. In this case this song felt special. Collaborations between OKO and myself are always a journey. OKO made the production and I wrote the lyrics for this one. Our projects usually come together fast, but end up sitting on hard drives for a while. This song is over a year old, but we’re glad it’s finally getting to see the light of day.’’

OKO (real name Matt) started making music for fun as a 15 year old, but saw that passion develop into a swiftly-progressing career in 2018. In the years passing he has managed to garner over millions of streams with passing 5 million streams in just the first two years of releasing music alone.

John White is a producer, singer & songwriter from Norwalk California. John has been writing and producing for other artists since 2011, but decided to start his own artist project in 2019.