OLAN ‘Contra’ out now on Anjunadeep

Prodigious singer, songwriter, producer and DJ OLAN proudly presents her debut album ‘Contra’. Out now on Anjunadeep 


Showcasing the incredible diversity of OLAN’s sound, the nine-track album features a variety of sounds from the worlds of ambient, melodic electronica and drum and bass (!) Listen now on the platform of your choice, or pre-order a vinyl copy now via the Anjuna Music Store.

“When I started writing ‘Contra’, I didn’t have a team, a label, or any sort of specific goals to work towards- so with the pandemic, I really began to question if I had any purpose for life; let alone writing music, if there was no tangible reward or sense of safety and relief in sight.

I spent a lot of that time playing a video game called ‘Outer Wilds’ that only toyed with my thoughts more. My overwhelming feelings of grief turned into curiosity and acceptance. ‘Contra’ was an opportunity for me to learn to be alone, present, grateful, for my most intrusive thoughts and emotions…

I don’t know if people will get the same experience I had writing this album, but it marks a massive shift in my heart and understanding of the world around me. It’s just me learning to be okay with who I am.” – OLAN

Pre-order ‘Contra’ Vinyl   Pre-order 

‘Contra’ is available to pre-order on black vinyl from the Anjuna Music Store!
This vinyl will be manufactured using brand new pressing technology that uses 60% less energy than traditional production methods 

Also, when you order a vinyl copy of ‘Contra’ on the Anjuna Music Store, your store account will automatically be credited with an exclusive digital download – OLAN’s acoustic version of ‘Wake And Return’. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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