Olan! explores the facets of fast-paced techno in ‘The Mind-Body Problem’.

‘Aues Löst Sech Uf’ launches the EP with a playful juxtaposition of fast tempos and trippy, distorted vocals that slow down throughout. Continuing with the donk-tinged title track, ‘The Mind-Body Problem’ is host to speedy breaks, sinister drones and strings that keep building in intensity, before ‘Physical Symbols’ enters the wormhole with relentless kickdrums, deep growls and the sizzling hum of static in the background. Closing out the release, ‘Supramolecular Assembly’ rounds things off with uplifting trance synths and more twisted and warped sound design, providing the perfect finisher to a varied EP traversing the higher BPMS in dance music.

Olan! unveils the next chapter on their Zurich-based imprint 0x01 Records, ‘The Mind Body Problem’, following up their previous EP on the label ‘State Transition’, which garnered the support of SPFDJI Hate ModelsRIOT CODE & many others. Since 2013 the imprint has become a home for experimental techno, with Olan! being dubbed as one of Mixmag’s ‘best live modular acts you can watch online’ alongside the likes of SurgeonKarenn and Ansome.

Olan! ‘The Mind-Body Problem’ releases via 0x01 Records 14th April 2023.


01 Aues Löst Sech Uf
02 The Mind-Body Problem
03 Physical Symbols
04 Supramolecular Assembly