Olan! pushes the boundaries of techno with 0x01 Records’ 10th release.

Following on from the ‘Uplink’ EP on the label earlier this year, Olan! returns to their Zurich based 0x01 Records with the ‘State Transition’ EP. Since 2013 the imprint has become a home for experimental techno, garnering the support of VTSSI Hate Models and Rebekah, with Olan! being dubbed as one of Mixmag’s ‘best live modular acts you can watch online’ alongside the likes of SurgeonKarenn and Ansome.

The menacing stabs and booming kickdrums of the title track open the EP with unbridled fury, sizzling sparks jumping around and between each hammering hit. While ‘State Transition’ takes you to the workshop, ‘Usstärbe’ is a playful take on the wealth-obsessed Swiss middle class, its title referencing German author and critic of post-modern capitalism Sybille Berg. The track features arpeggiating bleeps, an erratic hoover sound and Olan!’s playful and ironic financial advise.

Bright, exhilarating synths and an emotional breakdown create a sense of euphoria in ‘Nonlife into Mind’, slowly bracing the listener for the broken signals and mysterious dark energies of closing track ‘Coda for the Damaged Interpreter’. 0x01 Records’ tenth release delivers a compelling story across four tracks told through Olan!’s signature weld of intricate sound design and functional techno.

Olan! ‘State Transition’ releases 2nd September on 0x01 Records.


01 State Transition
02 Usstärbe
03 Nonlife Into Mind
04 Coda for the Damaged Interpreter