Omar Sedky Releases New Single ‘20 Bottles’

Rapper, songwriter and producer Omar Sedky shares his latest single ‘20 Bottles’, out October 22nd on all streaming platforms.

Originally written over two years ago, Omar recently rediscovered the track and finished it by adding a slick production and beat.

Talking about the track Omar says, “When I created the track I was going through a heartbreak with my former girlfriend. I hope that listeners can relate with that and realize how self-destructive behaviours like this can be.”

About Omar Sedky

Omar Sedky is an Austrian rap artist, producer, and songwriter. Growing up in the quiet town of Feldkirch in Vorarlberg, Sedky was still Influenced by tons of American rappers. At the young age of 5, he was already making music specialising in percussive instruments and then the guitar.

In 2013, Omar started to produce music combining elements of EDM, DnB, Dubstep, Trap, HipHop, RnB and Wave. In 2017, he honed in his sound to focus on HipHop and R&B, building a home studio in his basement by the start of 2018.

Naming Kanye West and Travis Scott as his biggest inspirations, these influences really shine through on his music from the use of auto-tune and melodic vocals, to the electric and experimental beats.

Another important influence on Omar’s distinctive sound is his friend and producer BLVEBIRD, who has produced most of his tracks so far. The production usually features trap drums and experimental sounds, as well as vocal samples. Growing up together, these two have developed a very strong bond which can felt through the music.

In December 2018, Omar released his first EP: ‘Parental Advisory’. In 2019, Omar Sedky signed to the New York-based Entertainment company, Devamag. In the same year, Omar Sedky was selected and featured by the organisation Union of Excellence as the youngest entertainment industry member under the section international emerging artists.

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