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Oomloud “Pyramids / Yummy Funk” | Musical Freedom

Dutch duo Oomloud have capitalized on combining their respective talents by releasing two very different tracks, showcasing the breadth of their sound. Oomloud’s EP Pyramids /Yummy Funk is out now on Tiësto’s label Musical Freedom.

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With the hook ‘Music is life’, Pyramids is a relentless electro house banger that’s set to resonate with every clubber. The pulsing beats send us hurtling through the track at brake neck speed, setting a high benchmark for Oomloud’s EP.

Yummy Funk brings an entirely alternative dimension to the fore. The unashamed bassline, coupled with a unique, juggernaut of a drop, Yummy Funk is a perfect surprise, displaying the duo’s musicality and wide appeal.

Oomloud say: “Releasing an EP on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom is really exciting for us since it’s literally a dream come true. We feel this EP gives a solid idea of our style of music and we hope you guys will like it!”

Having had success in their own right as solo DJ producers, these longtime friends started collaborating and Oomloud was born. Combining styles and skills, the duo found an instant musical chemistry that created a unique flow to their sound. Their debut release Tic Toc with Bingo Players projected the duo back into the scene where their follow-up eponymous EP won over a new army of fans with tracks Getchu and Throwback.

Pyramids / Yummy Funk by Oomloud is OUT NOW on Musical Freedom!