Opaque Records a new techno label based out of Chicago, IL ran by @wearedominus a techno/house duo was founded

On 10/1/21, Opaque Records a new techno label based out of Chicago, IL ran by @wearedominus a techno/house duo was founded. Here’s some background on it…

Dominus has been supported by some of today’s biggest artists including Lights, Speaker Honey, Gaga, One True God, Dr. Fresch, AC Slater and many more. Coming off their last EP release in 2021, Dominus decided to take the dark turn towards Dark Techno and Minimal with their EP titled “F-Stop” and aims to continue serving dark vibes with the opening of their techno label, Opaque Records.

Opaque Records has a mission to bring all interpretations of techno to new listeners, while encouraging other artists from different genres to try their hand at techno as we want to encourage ALL artists. For us, the magic is hearing different adaptations and methods a producer will make and to me that’s special. Techno isn’t really defined but most people who don’t listen to it always refers it to one thing, “Blade” Music and that’s because of the standard drum kits, vocals and SFX being overly used in the genre, we intend on redefining what techno actually means in 2021 by bringing artists we feel finally break that mold.

Opaque Records on releasing three sub genres of techno – Hard Techno, Dark Melodic Techno and Minimal Techno. Covering a broad space of the industry will ensure many artists becoming discovered and contributing to the mission we intend on meeting. 

A new era is here.

Opaque Records first release debuted 10/1/21 with a hybrid hard techno banger, Møde -Take and our next track scheduled to release is 11/5/21 from producer “Thanks, I Hate It” with his single “Keep”. We have the entire schedule filled up for the year (October to October 2022) and intend on increasing our output really soon.

Møde – Take (OR001) – OPAQUE Records
Release Date: 10/1/21
Genre: Techno, Hard Techno

Bio: Hailing from Seattle/NW, “Møde” a rising star in the Bass House, Breaks and Techno under her alias “Minor” with releases on world renowned house labels Noir Sur Blanc, Ghetto Ghetto and Brooklyn Fire. “Møde” now has her eyes set on rave music, set to imprint her sound in the techno and breaks world and will be a force to be reckon with in the upcoming months.


Pre Save ‘Thanks, I Hate It Keep’ (OR002) Here :