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ANDREW RAYEL & GRAHAM BELL, ‘TAMBORES’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

“Tambores” is the latest release from Andrew Rayel’s record imprint, inHarmony Music. The track is part of Rayel’s repertoire celebrating the 100th episode of his “Find Your Harmony” radio show. 

NEW YORK, NY (April 20th, 2018) – Energetic. Magnetic. Forceful. Andrew Rayel is by now an expert producer who knows precisely how to craft lead melodies and synthesizer arrangements so that they act as a clarion call to restless youth. Andrew Rayel & Graham Bell’s “Tambores” (inHarmony Music) is out now.

Listen to Andrew Rayel & Graham Bell – Tambores

“Tambores” is like catnip to trance music-lovers of all ages and nationalities. Defying expectations of what electronic dance music (EDM) should sound like on the mainstage, “Tambores” is as wildly appealing as it is refreshingly uncommon. A collaboration with aspiring producer, Graham Bell, “Tambores” captures the essence of youthful exuberance. This high-energy track was a hands-in-the-air hit when Rayel premiered it during his live DJ set on the A State of Trance (ASOT) stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last month. In fact, “Tambores” is a track so powerful even Armin van Buuren played it during the height of his set on the mainstage at Ultra Miami.


“Tambores” is superbly engrossing with titanic drum-rolls that build to a colossal crescendo. As the title suggests, drums are a focal point of this track, but it’s also the thudding 4/4 beat and minor-key chords with a loosely Middle-Eastern inflection that give the composition exotic flavor. Trance music fans are a very demanding audience, and with that in mind, Rayel and Bell craft the kind of epic, big-room trance their fans crave. Unabashed, celebratory, jumping-for-joy exultation abounds on “Tambores,” and one pictures the power of good smiting all evil. Sparks fly! Rayel & Bell take the tempo down after the chorus, only to build it back up again.

About inHarmony Music

Launched in September, 2017, inHarmony Music is the record label headed by Andrew Rayel and distributed by Armada Music. As label chief and head of A&R for inHarmony Music, Rayel is the key decision-maker when it comes to signing new artists and music. Fulfilling a lifelong dream while on his never-ending career quest, Rayel is now able to do for new artists what Armin van Buuren did for Rayel years ago. The circle is complete and there will be an abundant supply of lovingly curated new music ahead.