Paolo Pellegrino releases ‘Walking On A Dream’ via We Next

Paolo Pellegrino is back with another banger. ”Walking on a dream” is a cover of the biggest track from Empire Of The Sun.

Right after the Future Rave Hit “Sweet Dreams” with La Bouche “Walking on a dream” is a mix of techno, phonk and house. Paolo states a very innovative way to approach dance music. Mysterious pads are mixed with fast drums, deep bass and hypnotic synths. Paolo Pellegrino started his career as a DJ, performing extensively in some of the best clubs in Italy. His DJ sets are a rowdy affair, combining an explosive mix of pure adrenalin with an unrestrained and powerful sound. His unique style, due to a naturally eclectic taste that ranges from electronic music to funk, and his spirited personality make him an artist to watch out for in the current dance scene.

As well as being one of the most active DJ’s around, Paolo has grown into a sophisticated producer, who, driven by an insatiable desire of exploring new genres and discovering new trends, is on a constant quest to create a new sound for his loyal followers. In the last few years Paolo made collaborations with top worldwide DJs, such as: Vinai, Hugel, Piero Pirupa and Giorgio Prezioso.