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PAPA BAKES Delivers Timely Parody Music Video “My Corona”

In the midst of a worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Los Angeles-based musician/comedian–PAPA BAKES–delivers an equally viral narrative in the form of a parody music video titled: “My Corona” (out now, February 28). In Weird-Al fashion, PAPA BAKES re-wrote, recorded, produced, and starred in a music video inspired by the pandemic and The Knack’s “My Sharona” (1979).

Watch “My Corona” here: 

Watch the original “My Sharona” here:

PAPA BAKES says of the music video: “It seemed like kind of a no brainer.  I started singing ‘My Corona’ to myself one day at a concert and immediately told my friend that I had to go home and start working on it before someone else did.  Cut to two weeks and a couple of easy pitches later, and there I was dancing around in a bat costume.”

PAPA BAKES’ thoughtful delivery of the piece is as flawless as it is timely. It’s no wonder the parody-legend himself, opted to not move further with a similar project.

Papa Bakes (aka: Eric W. Baker) is a comedian / rapper / singer / songwriter / producer based in Los Angeles, California.  You can see him performing stand up all around the city, or you can check out his four studio albums, two collaborative albums, and full length space odyssey hip-hopera available on the web.  Though he’s been writing comedy for a while and writing lyrics for longer, putting the two together has become a recent passion. “My Corona” is only a taste of what’s to come.

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