Papa Khan Delivers Masterful Five-Track EP ‘LOST’ Featuring New Single “So Far Away” on Monstercat

Indonesian bass aficionado Papa Khan today revealed the rest of his anticipated EP, ‘LOST’ on Monstercat. Following fan-favourite singles like “The Tide” and “Get To U,” he stuns with a slice of shimmering dubstep on “So Far Away.” The package sees him transition from angsty lyricism and heartbreak, to melodic motifs and affection, all while remaining sonically cohesive. Papa Khan’s colour bass craftsmanship has positioned him as a leader in the resurgence of the genre, with ‘LOST’ indicative of his promising future.

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Papa Khan shares, “This EP is pretty much about what happened to me in my personal life, mostly about breakups and stuff. Falling into a hole (love) and craving more from it even though it hurts. Only to make me feel even lonelier.

‘LOST’ EP Tracklist

1. The Tide

2. So Far Away

3. Never Cared

4. Beg For U

5. Get To U

Papa Khan Bio

Indonesian-based producer Papa Khan is one of the hottest names to hit the music scene in recent times. Papa Khan’s humble beginnings started in Palangkaraya, Indonesia, where he was born and raised, influencing his music reflecting his turbulent upbringing, life experiences, and his native culture. Staying true to his roots, Papa Khan’s music reaches the audience on an emotional and spiritual level with a melodic touch seldom seen in bass music, highlighting his diversity and ability to inspire the thoughts and feelings of the listener.

Making his live debut on the Malignant Music presents “Marauda and friends for Bassrush showcase” live stream, instantly capturing the hearts of viewers. Catching the ears of superstar Marshmello, who reached out to release an EP via his platform “Joytime Collective.” The hype for the lead single “Rain” went berserk after his Twitter clip went viral and when Marshmello posted a video of him playing the record in a live set announcing the release, even catching the attention of music legend Skrillex.

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