Paskman drops ‘Nana’ on Repopulate Mars this September.

Fresh off the back of the recently released ‘Tuko Tuko’ with Lee Foss, as well as appearances on Criterio MusicDeepNHeat, and blaah! Raw, the Spanish DJ/producer returns to Repopulate Mars with ‘Nana’. Combining bizarre yet catchy vocals, bouncy drums and a pumping bassline, Paskman has crafted an addictive track set to light dancefloors alight.

When I heard the vocal of what would finally become “Nana”, I knew I wanted to do something with it. It really caught my attention because it seems peculiar to me. That’s when I decided to build a strong, fluid bass line to go along with the vocal I had just discovered. I think “Nana” is a very rhythmic song that me and the crowd can enjoy. I can only say thanks to Repopulate Mars for betting on “Nana”. – Paskman

Paskman ‘Nana’ drops on 9th September 2022 on Repopulate Mars.