Paul C returns to Hot Creations as he serves up his first solo material for the label with his bumping three-track ‘Let The Bass Kik’ EP.

A mainstay within the Italian house landscape for over two decades, DJ/producer and label owner Paul C has delivered quality house records via a wealth of top-tier imprints while featuring at key clubs across Europe and beyond. Having made his debut on the label back in 2013 with his bustling collaboration ‘Get This!’, with 2015’s follow-up ‘Pinball’ also proving to be a favourite for many, he now returns on Hot Creations as he delivers three impressive tracks across his ‘Let The Bass Kik’ EP.

“This EP means a lot to me. I wanted to convey the mood of the 1990s music that accompanied me when I used to go dancing in clubs across Italy from North to South but with a contemporary twist. Feeling is essential to me; it determines whether an idea is okay or not. For ‘Let The Bass Kik’, it happened in an instant. The energy came to me immediately; it was almost as if everything was building itself. On days like these, all you have to do is complete your projects and lock yourself away in the studio.” – Paul C.

Opening the package is title track ‘Let The Bass Kik’, a vibrant, energy-charged effort loaded with slinking basslines, hooky samples and sweeping synths to provide a peak time cut made for bustling dancefloors. Next, ‘Can U Dance’ keeps things moving as sweeping electronics and soaring leads are guided by slick metallic drums, before ‘Red Green Yellow’ closes the show as sharp percussion arrangements meet echoed vocals and rich melodies.

Paul C ‘Let The Bass Kik’ drops via Hot Creations on 24th November 2023.


1. Let The Bass Kik
2. Can U Dance
3. Red Green Yellow

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