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Pauline Herr ‘Obsession’ NIGHTMODE

Pauline Herr floats on hopeless infatuation with her new single “Obsession,” a dreamy, beaming creation that is lighting up the sixth season of releases on NIGHTMODE. 

Whether she’s working her magic on the mic or flexing her production chops in the studio, the unstoppable double-threat has kept good on her promise to always pour her heart out into her music. There’s not an inauthentic bone in her body. Keeping things real and unabashedly raw is the secret ingredient mixed into every project she touches, which has made her a hot ticket both on the collaborative end just as much as in  her own booming solo career. The L.A-based singer-songwriter and producer combo capitalized on the former when she made her debut appearance on the NIGHTMODE catalog alongside Moore Kismet last year. Herr’s dizzying vocals found the perfect pace on “You Should Run,” which has since amassed nearly 2 million streams globally and currently stands as one of the imprint’s most successful releases to date. Almost exactly one down the road, and she’s now ready to glow up on her first standalone single for the NIGHTMODE crew. 

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“Obsession” is a breath of fresh air from the envelope-pushing artist. Dialing back on the prominent lugubrious spirit shown in her body of work, her new single shows making a much-welcomed advance on the romantic end of the emotional spectrum. Bottling up those butterfly feelings from the blissed-out phase of a newfound relationship, the ethereal wave record opens with her fawning over the sole subject of her heart’s desire. As her fanatical confession loops to seemingly no end, a flood of oxytocin spills into the synapses through an intoxicating blend of ethereal melodies, crisp trap drums, pitched-up vox, rosy horn phrases, and fluttering synths embellishments. At the risk of giving off a real stalker vibe, Pauline Herr’s new single is the ONLY thing that matters in the world right now.

“This Song means a lot to me because I wrote it about someone really special in my life. I’ve never written a love song, so it felt good to create a more uplifting track than my previous, more melancholy vocal and production work.”–Pauline Herr

Pauline Herr Bio

Pauline has worked on tracks with electronic artists Habstrakt, K?D (unreleased), Taska Black, Vincent, Quiet Bison (unreleased), Moore Kismet, Fytch, WE ARE FURY, Kaivon, Hex Cougar, Slushii (unreleased), INZO, Naderi,  Reo Cragun, Heimanu, Twerl, and Juelz, to name a few, and she’s currently featured on tracks on Trap Nation, Monstercat, NCS, NIGHTMODE, and Heaven Sent. Her collaborations over 3 short years have garnered her over 40 million streams across platforms.

Pauline independently released 6 solo-produced tracks in 2019 (landing herself several Spotify editorial playlists: Creamy, Brand New Chill, Sad Beats) and put out herdebut EP with Lowly Palace (Trap Nation’s label) in May of 2020. She is the first female artist to release a self-produced EP with the label. Pauline’s ultimate goal is to make genuine music that speaks to your soul and to always be true to herself in music and life. Because of this, she has written, recorded, produced, and mixed every song from her solo project with no outside help.

NIGHTMODE, part of Insomniac Music Group, is founded by Twitch streamer and content creator Tucker (Jericho) Boner & Daniel Goudie (of Disciple Recs & Rare Breed). 



Pauline Herr