PEEKABOO Switches Gears on Raw, Hypnotic Dubstep Single “Bumpy Road” for NIGHTMODE

PEEKABOO takes the wheel on his new single “Bumpy Road,” an eerie and disturbingly hypnotic dubstep cut that’s winding its way along the eighth season of releases for NIGHTMODE.

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The Detroit-based producer is full of surprises. From hallucinogenic soundscapes to mind-gnawing festival beats, his music never fails to sneak up on you, making his moniker feel more relevant than ever. His unique take on bass music has seen him rack up millions of plays across numerous releases, taking dubstep heads on a never-ending detour through his deranged frame of mind. He’s taken the genre into fresh directions dozens of times, counting off tracks like his daze-inducing “Here With Me,” the synapse-bending “Vortex” collab alongside Rezz, and the rave-powered “POWA” with Zeds Dead. On his first outing with NIGHTMODE, however, PEEKABOO jumps entirely out of the line of sight to create a track that is unlike anything that has come before it. 

“Bumpy Road” deserves to live in its own category of dubstep. The track kicks off with hypnotic whistle tones and cascading wind chimes, both of which feed into one another to give off a sense of terror in the best way possible. Once the thick thud of the kick sets it, the main melodic motif finds a way to hit even harder with the addition of squeaky spring eighth notes, rattling 808 hits, and syncopated accents. About midway through, a moment of reprieve is offered in the breakdown before the ungodly groove tops for a second go. This time, he smashes the accelerator with skidding synth phrases and tripped-out layers that drive the number into complete and utter insanity. It still carries that trademark PEEKABOO steez, but he’s found a way to take the wow factory to a level that almost doesn’t seem fair to anyone else making beats. 

“This was one of the most fun songs I’ve worked on. It has this strange rhythm and melody that you can sing back to, which is somewhat hypnotic and has those classic hip hop drums to back it up. In the second drop, things take a quick turn into a darker vibe, giving the drop more aggression to basically emulate when you’re feeling HAPPY and ANGRY at the same time, going through what you would call a ‘Bumpy Road.’ I wanted this track to stand out a little bit more from my usual stuff as I can’t really compare it to anything else that I’ve done.”—PEEKABOO

Peekaboo Bio

It’s easy to say that Matthew Lucas, a.k.a PEEKABOO, is one the hottest acts to break out in the electronic music scene in recent years. After a string of massively successful EPs, singles, and remixes, all within a few short months, audiences around the world were captivated by PEEKABOO’s fresh, distinctive, and unique productions. Fusing hip-hop beats with undeniable bass-end grooves and mind-bending sound design, PEEKABOO inspired a whole new wave of next-level bass music. His tracks, “Maniac”, and “Babatunde”, became iconic festival anthems, gaining support from the likes of Skrillex, Zeds Dead, Rezz, RL Grime, and more. 

NIGHTMODE, part of Insomniac Music Group, is founded by Twitch streamer and content creator Tucker (Jericho) Boner & Daniel Goudie (of Disciple Recs & Rare Breed).