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Petra Recordings return with Istanbul producer Eren Eren

Petra Recordings return with Istanbul producer Eren Eren

Istanbul based producer and pioneer Eren Eren who is set to make a big mark with his debut vinyl release. It comes on the Petra label, is called Seven Days and features three firing new cuts.
Eren Is co-founder of Vesvese, one of the most reputed collectives of Istanbul scene, and his slick tracks here are dedicated to Chicago house with strong drum machine elements, chill chords and pure, infectious vibes.
Opener A Walk in The Park is a deep house cut with serve chord work and gurgling bass that keeps you bumping. It’s stylish and has an authentic analogue feel, while Big City Ride has more raw drums that will jack up the floor. A nimble bassline bobbles round the mix to bring a sense of dynamic groove and Parsel 134 chows off the artists excellent synth work: the pads are mellifluous and filled with thoughtful feelings while the loose, off beat drums and perc make you want to move.

This is understated house music with a real sense of charm and heart.
Keep up on the latest from Eren Eren here, Soundcloud, and Facebook. ‘Seven Days’ coming soon on Petra Recordings.   

Artist: Eren Eren
Title: Seven Days
Label: Petra Digital/Vinyl Recordings
A Walk in the Park (Original Mix)
Big City Ride (Original Mix)
Parsel 134 (Original Mix)
Catalogue number : PTR023
Release Date: 22.05.2019 (Vinyl) – 21.05.2019 (Digital)
Formats : Vinyl / Digital
Stream / Download