Planet E Communications Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary with ‘Planet E 30’

30 Track Compilation from the Planet E Catalog Spanning 

30 Years of Showcasing Detroit Excellence and Beyond

Curated by Carl Craig 

Available on all Platforms

Carl Craig’s Planet E Communications remains one of most seminal strongholds for the exploration of modern music. Designed as an independent vehicle for the showcase of Detroit musical excellence and beyond, the label continues to defy expectations through its seamless bridging of genres, era, and sonics. Today, Planet E celebrates its 30 year anniversary with the release of the ‘Planet E 30, a wide reaching journey into a catalog defined by the constant reimagination of what the future holds.

Listen to the ‘Planet E 30’ Here:

On ‘Planet E 30’, Carl offers listeners the passenger seat on a historic ride through the streets of Detroit. The project is dotted with the iconic assemblage of solo projects that have reinforced Carl’s position as one of techno’s most revered producers. From the widely celebrated rolling bassline of Paperclip People’s ‘Throw’ and ‘The Climax’, to the hauntingly technical ‘From Beyond’ from the Psyche crates, onwards to the strikingly human 69 records off ‘The Legendary Adventures of a Filter King’, these tracks are less so connected in structure as they are by the feeling of freedom that Planet E has always provided Carl. 

This sense of cohesion carries beyond the realms of electronic and into the label’s multidimensional jazz exploration interlaced deeply with the city’s generational triumph in the genre. The Craig captained Innerzone Orchestra, that brought a new strain of experimental jazz to the world in the late 90’s alongside Carl’s mentor and Arkestra percussionist Francisco Mora-Catlett, makes a distinguished mark on the compilation with three tracks. Such rejection of the rules continues with 2002’s ‘Space Odyssey’ and ‘Baby Needs New Shoes’ from The Detroit Experiment studio album that saw Carl come together with the late Marcus Belgrave, saxophonist Bennie Maupin, violinist Regina Carter, and pianist Geri Allen. 

The latter half of the compilation sees the label showcase some of its brightest stars. The endlessly talented Detroit benches are represented by the likes of Terrence Parker, DJ Minx, Waajeed, Jon Dixon, Ataxia, Niko Marks, and more. 

Carl is widely known for his global touring schedule as he has and continues to bring his take on the Detroit sound to the world. As such, the VA rekindles the international connections he has made along the way with tracks from the UK’s Tom Flynn, Belgium’s Fabrice Lig, Madrid’s Eduardo De La Calle, Toronto’s Greg Gow, and of course his iconic ‘Attenuator’ with Moritz von Oswold. 

It remains the spellbinding nature by which Planet E links worlds through soul and innovation that continues to make it a leading force in the global underground. The ‘Planet E 30’ offers an inroad for the uninitiated and longtime listener alike to drench themselves in this history one masterpiece at a time. 

Paperclip People – Throw

Psyche – From Beyond

Innerzone Orchestra – Bug In The Bass Bin

Innerzone Orchestra – People Make The World Go Round

69 – If Mojo Was A.M.

Designer Music – Problemz

Urban Tribe – Covert Action

The Detroit Experiment – Space Odyssey

Niko Marks – Truly Something

Tres Demented – Demented Drums2

Carl Craig – Televised Green Smoke

69 – for my peepz

The Detroit Experiment – Baby Needs New Shoes

Carls Davis – Sketches pt2

69 – My Machines

Paperclip People – The Climax

Psyche / BFC – Neurotic Behavior

Carl Craig – Versus – Desire

Terrence Parker – Finally (Planet-e Mix)

Matom – Experiment 7 Variation 2

Fabrice Lig – Galactic Mission 2702

Vince Watson – It’s Not Over

Carl Craig – At Les

Niko Marks – Soul Meter

Waajeed – Mother

Jon Dixon – When Belgrave Met Banks

Klauss & Craig – Repeat After Me

Tom Flynn – Anna

Eduardo De La Calle – Phason Jazz

Greg Gow – Lantana

Ataxia – Oblivion

Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswold – Attenuator (Carl Craig Version)

DJ Minx – Do It All Night