Poulish Kid Continues Towards Debut Album with ‘Out of Time’

The next part of Poulish Kid’s developing journey on Audiolith, one gearing up for his debut album on the imprint, comes in the form of brand new single ‘Out Of Time’. A collaboration with like minded artist Absent Chronicles, it follows the success of his latest LP teaser ‘Fairytale’. 

A young, German producer, his multi-genre approach has made him someone to watch over recent years. Donned in a mask and shrouded in relative anonymity, his biggest project to date ‘In The Shadow of a Giant’ sees the development of his long-standing relationship with record label Audiolith. Having made a name for himself at seminal European festivals such as Sonne Mond Sterne and Canaletto, his work alongside the likes of NVDESJust A GentKevin HissinkBLVCK CROWZ and ESKEI83 have proved there’s no boundaries in his music making. With a host of artists also showing up alongside the album, records like ‘Out Of Time’ teased in the lead up to its release proves this forthcoming package’s caliber. 

Drawing from indie rock influences yet still using the dance music underbelly which runs across the sonics of Poulish Kid’s art, this moniker perfectly juxtaposes that of sound designer and instrumentalist Absent Chronicles. Known for his work across the art world as well as his crossover sync work, it’s an amalgamation of two formiddle production standards. It’s one of the final releases before ‘In The Shadow of a Giant’ and it once more reiterates the talent which is put on a pedestal through its track list. One due to drop in Autumn 2023


Absent Chronicles