TC Superstar Release New Single “Forever” The Second Single From Their Forthcoming Album Static Dynamic

Austin-based Indie Pop group TC Superstar share their newest single “Forever” on June 30 via Flyer Club Records. Following “Some Nights,” the groovy Dance Pop song “Forever” is the second release taken from TC Superstar’s forthcoming album Static Dynamic

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TC Superstar’s newest record, Static Dynamic, explores the dissolution of a romance, an occupation, a home, and humanity. The concept behind the album is inspired by the idea of colonizing Mars. Connor explains, “I wanted to imagine the effects of a Mars work-assignment on a romantic relationship to explore the severance the characters experience from each other’s reality.” The title Static Dynamic is a reference to both halves of the album’s narrative. In the first half, one character remains static on Earth while the other character travels from Earth to Mars. The second half of the record revolves around our Martian’s static work life, while the earthbound character’s life continues on its own dynamic path.

TC Superstar’s new release “Forever” sets the tone for the rest of the album, narratively hopping between a disco meet-cute and an ominous space voyage. “We tried to capture the emotion of a long distance relationship, taking heartbreak to an interplanetary scale. Hopefully this song will give our fans a little piece of catharsis as they dance away the worries of working in the corporate machine,” Connor states on the inspiration behind the song.

Formed in 2017, TC Superstar is a collaborative performance group based out of Austin, TX. Frontperson Connor McCampbell draws inspiration from contemporary bedroom pop with hints of 80s synthwave and late 70s dance music. Connor is joined by a cast of talented musicians: Julio Correa, Mitchell Webb, Aaron Chavez, and Ateen Savadkoohi. TC Superstar established a loyal following thanks to their distinctive live shows which feature dynamic dance routines by LB Flett, Emily DiFranco, Francis Rodriguez, Yuriko Roby, and Andie Duong. TC Superstar’s fun, upbeat music and high energy live experience has garnered them millions of streams and allowed them to share stages with acclaimed acts like Mac Demarco, Frankie Cosmos, Video Age, !!!, Capyac, De Lux, Dayglow, Tennis, Sidney Gish, SG Lewis, and many more.

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