Premiere : Norway’s Snick Snack Music welcomes Scandinavian electronic duo Trulz & Robin for an album of all-new analogue house jams.

This accomplished pair has already released four albums before this one and are masters of cooking up characterful club tracks. They combine classic sounds from house and techno into something funky, hypnotising and entirely their own. They call upon legendary house music vocalist Robert Owens, Kate Pendry, and their longtime collaborator Baseman for guest spots on this sublime LP.

Say the duo of this latest endeavour, “‘Out of Sync’ is for us an album re-connecting us to our roots. We wanted to create the music in the moment. With feeling and rawness. To embrace the imperfections that arose, and leave out the minds analysing and controlling nature.”

Kicking things off is ‘Inside Of Me’ featuring Chicago great Robert Owens; it’s a timeless tune that could be a lost Fingers Inc cut. The drums are deep, and the vocal is among his best in years. ‘U Get Some’ has a similar early era house vibe with rough edge drums and low-slung bass, then Kate Pendry guests on ‘This Is Love’, a steamy deep acid cut with pounding drums and warped bass. ‘Let Yourself Go’ is taught but sensual, with bulbous bass offset by sharp, bright hi-hats that cut right through. ‘The Wiggler’ featuring Tolani & Baseman is one to get rumps moving with fat, wobbly bass and subtle acid twitches and ‘Sync’ with Baseman is full flavour deep house with a dark soul and muted chords that hook you in.

Robert Owen returns on ‘Be There For U’ with an ice-cold vocal that sits amongst lithe synths and stark hits; It’s old school Chicago house with a contemporary twist. ‘Unconscious’ is defined by a rousing monologue from Muhammad Ali as turbulent bass sprays about beneath jacked-up drums and Chuc Frazier closes things out on the peak time acid smasher ‘Divine Electricity’

‘Out of Sync’ is another irresistible analogue house masterclass from Trulz & Robin. The album drops on June 2nd, preceded by ‘Inside of Me’ on May 5th, ‘U Get Some’ on May 19th and ‘Divine Electricity’ on May 26th.

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1. Trulz & Robin Feat. Robert Owens – Inside Of Me
2. Trulz & Robin – U Get Some
3. Trulz & Robin Feat. Kate Pendry – This Is Love
4. Trulz & Robin – Let Your Self Go
5. Trulz & Robin Feat. Bri Tolani & Baseman – The Wiggler
6. Trulz & Robin Feat. Baseman – Out Of Sync
7. Trulz & Robin Feat. Robert Owens – Be There For U
8. Trulz & Robin Feat. Muhammed Ali – Unconscious
9. Trulz & Robin Feat. Chuc Frazier – Divine Electricity

Additional Edits:

10. Trulz & Robin Feat. Robert Owens – Inside Of Me (Club Edit)
11. Trulz & Robin – U Get Some (Club Edit)
12. Trulz & Robin – This Is LOVE (Instrumental Mix)