Premiere :  STECHER’s debut EP is a diverse, collaborative affair with remixes by Nyege Nyege affiliates Chrisman and Debmaster

The self-titled, debut EP from STECHER illustrates a wide scope of production skills and a highly collaborative spirit, showcasing a diverse range of influences across various genres. STECHER will be released via NIA Records on May 12th.

From the fierce, hypnotic rap of Avex via a more intimate yet powerful vocal piece by Liaam Iman, to Leila Hassan, who delivers an abstract, riddle-like spoken word performance set against the backdrop of polyrhythmic drum patterns, seamlessly oscillating between abrasive textures and warm synth lines. The result is a boundary-pushing fusion of influences that merge together into a powerful statement of intent.

Topping off the EP are a couple of unmissable remixes by two of Nyege Nyege / Hakuna Kulala’s finest producers – Chrisman and Debmaster.

NIA Records is a Berlin-based platform that moves with intention to release music rooted in openness and honesty. Their aim is to amplify sound based practices that exist as a function to dismantle and decolonise oppressive, racist, patriarchal, and capitalist structures. As such, the curation of releases gives priority to underrepresented scenes and artists.

artist STECHER
label Nia
date 12th May
format digital


1. 100000 (feat. Avex)
2. Abet (feat. Avex)
3. Constantly (feat. Leila Hassan)
4. Les Rails (Liaam Iman)
5. 100000 (Debmaster Remix)
6. Constantly (Chrisman Remix)