Prismo Seeks Refuge on Anxiety-Riddled Electropop Single “Home” for Lost In Dreams

Prismo is looping back around to issue his sophomore single on the Lost In Dreams imprint with “Home,” a nerve-wracking electropop song devoted to the thought of seeking refuge. 

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A little over one month ago, the extraordinary electronic producer resurfaced from a short production break with his galvanizing duet “Ignite,” featuring the revered Las Vegas-brewed songstress Elle Vee. Released on the ever-growing Lost In Dreams imprint, the crossover record marked a flawless bounce back that effectively made his two-year hiatus feel virtually nonexistent. Continuing to build on this newfound momentum, Prismo is ready to share his follow-up single, this time looking inward to probe the unsettling emotions surrounding social anxiety. 

Regardless of where one might land on the Myer-Briggs scale, “Home” centers itself around the universal experience of needing to escape when the outside world becomes too overwhelming. The song opens with suspense-building snare hits and spiraling pad lines, while his worried vocal croons wrestle with a sense of estrangement. Once the uneasiness starts to reach a boil, the intensity of his voice matches the mood as thunderous strums and horn stabs strike in unison beneath his instinct to sprint towards the door. A mesmerizing flute lead and distorted bass plucks send the entire piece over the edge, with the heart-pounding beat mimicking the onset of a full-blown panic attack. 

“At times, I am intensely extroverted, but ‘Home’ is about the moments I’ve felt while I was out in social settings and my general anxiety outweighed my social energy,” says Prismo. “I wrote this song about the first few times that I felt severe panic. At those moments, I knew I wanted to return to safety. I want to take shelter, for my wife, friends, and family. They are my home.”

Zach Burgett is the mastermind behind Prismo. Wielding an impressive set of skills in the studio, the Texan-born artist is an all-in-one sensation that can sit in the producer’s chair, light up the vocal booth, and let his stream of consciousness flow through several instruments, all without missing a beat. His stylistic range is equally dynamic, flitting between genres and emotions from one captivating release to the next. He’s been a consistent force in the dance music space for close to a decade, sitting on a prolific output that has pulled in more 250 million streams combined. The lockdown orders saw him taking a small step away from the global stage, but his return has been nothing short of triumphant. 

Whether you’re still in the grips of PTSD in a post-pandemic world or need to overcome the occasional bout of introversion, Prismo’s new single “Home” will surely strike a chord—and should bring comfort to anyone currently plotting their exit strategy. 

Prismo’s new single ‘Home’ is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records. 

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