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Producergirls collective launches kickstarter campaign

Producergirls collective launches kickstarter campaign ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Producergirls has duly earned the title of “worthy cause.” Founded by E.M.M.A., Producergirls doubles as an artist collective developed to train interested young women in music production via a series of related workshops. Producergirls offers the workshops at no charge, allowing women who have previously not had the ability to pursue such training due to costs or a lack of resources to learn the ins and outs of music production.

The collective has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand the reach of its production classes, seeking to gain funding to make the classes accessible to girls living outside of the UK’s capital, and across various other UK cities. Although Producergirls has hosted three workshops in London, and one in Glasglow this year already, with another planned for October 21 in Manchester, E.M.M.A. believes that the campaign can generate enough money to further advance the organization.

“We don’t have any funding as it’s just been self-starting, direct action with a few like-minded producers,” E.M.M.A. states.“It’s a skill sharing, supportive environment for girls who want to learn but have not yet had the opportunity, funds or connections to do so.” The Kickstarter is the organization’s first attempt to receive funding, hoping to raise £2000.

Money raised by the campaign will not only lead Producergirls to broaden the radius of its workshops, but will additionally enable the collective to train more women. “In totally [sic] since we began, we’ve introduced around 80 women to music production from the [Producergirl] events, but have had close to 1,000 applications, which has hardly made a dent in the level of interest we’ve received,” E.M.M.A. elaborates.

Donations to Producergirls can be made here.

H/T: Mixmag

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