Today, Aug 6th, emerging production duo BOYOCA drop atmospheric club ready cut  ‘Elasticity’, released via EMK – the new electronic music platform launched by Kartel Music Group – Stream ‘Elasticity’ here.  

The duo have also announced the EP launch party at their favourite Birmingham venue Hare & Hounds Kings Heath on October 14. The venue has been the source of many BIG nights out for the duo, watching their favourite DJs and Tickets available from Gigantic hereand See Tickets here.The second in a series of tracks anticipating the release of their debut EP ‘He’s A Fool’, ‘Elasticity’ follows on the release of soulful cut ‘Bamboo Mask’, which served as a slick introduction to BOYOCA distinctive organic-drenched brand of electronic, soul-inspired music. While with the Apple Music supported ‘Bamboo Mask‘, BOYOCA skillfully layered a sublime shimmering cut, perfectly balancing the organic and synthetic, with ‘Elasticity’ the duo traded songlike arrangements and guest vocals for a more peak-time club fare.

Talking about the track the duo say; ‘our tracks tip the scales in different directions between the dancefloor, radio-friendly, the organic and electronic. This one definitely tips in a club direction, we think it’s an end of the night kind of tune! Atmosphere that also hits hard!

Cross-pollinating multiple strains of electronic music, BOYOCA are able to fold a wide array of influences – including Bicep and OTHERLiine – into a rhythmic, splashy cut brimming with textured electronics inter-weaved with real instrumentation. ‘String stabs are nestled amongst a languid breakbeat layered with long drawn out chords played on a Prophet 08 synth which lends the track it’s unmistakable BOYOCA feel,’ explains the band. ‘You can hear guitars in this track as well but we’ve snuck them in the back door using them as textures with plenty of reverb and Lewis on the violining technique.

BOYOCA is the moniker of Birmingham (UK) based multi instrumentalists Tim Boyce and Lewis Carr, the duo crafts transformative electronic music with a tangible organic nature, combining real world sounds with electronic beats and grooves. Equally influenced by the dynamics of dancefloor music, as much as the human quality of live instrumentation, they tread the line between the decks and the guitars, the dance floor and stage, the electronic and the organic. 

Diving deeper into their unique sound, BOYOCA explain; ‘the ‘green house’ sound is about distilling everything that’s dear to us in music – big beats, real instrumentation, songwriting and dance rhythms.’ 
With ‘Elasticity, BOYOCA prove their club skills with a bold, propulsive, syncopated rhythmic number.

BOYOCA single ‘Elasticity’ is out now. Stream ‘Elasticity’ here