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Project 46 Releases Uplifting Progressive House Gem “Somebody New” with BYNON

Just weeks after their triumphant return from hiatus with “Remember You,” Project 46 is back with their new single “Somebody New” with BYNON. The Canadian duo continues with their progressive sound, employing dreamy melodies that develop into a bouncy, uplifting drop that will make your spirits soar. Soulful vocals add an emotive element with lyrics that touch on toxic relationships and getting over that certain someone that you can never seem to move on from. Project 46‘s ability to weave together relatable vocal elements and cathartic dance melodies is a true gift, one that they continue to share with the world with each new release. Earlier this month, they made a strong comeback from a four-year break, and they’re just getting started. They have more releases scheduled throughout the year, including an exciting collaboration with Kaskade.

Artist: Project 46 & BYNON
Title: Somebody New
Label: pink pineapple
Release date: May 01, 2020

Canadian duo Ryan Henderson and Thomas Shaw, better known as Project 46, is known for their melodic, progressive sound that never fails to inspire and uplift listeners. They began Project 46 in 2011 and were active until 2016, with releases on Ultra RecordsMonstercatArmadaMixmash, and collaborations such as “Last Chance” with Kaskade (which was featured on Kaskade‘s “Atmosphere” album), “Collide” with Laidback Luke, “Crime” with Avicii, “Daphne” with Paul Oakenfold, and “Home” with Feenixpawl, to name a few. 2020 marks the comeback of Project 46, and we are looking forward to more beautiful, vocal-driven dance tracks coming from the talented duo later this year!

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