RADWIMPS release new theme song ‘KANATA HALUKA’ from Makoto Shinkai’s anime film ‘Suzume’

Makoto Shinkai x RADWIMPS x Kazuma Jinnouchi also announce details of OST “Suzume” coming 11th November

Acclaimed Japanese rock band RADWIMPS are pleased to announce a brand new theme song with the arrival of “KANATA HALUKA”, lifted from the upcoming Makoto Shinkai anime film ‘Suzume’ out now worldwide and the band have also announced the details of the “Suzume” Motion Picture Soundtrack coming 11th November.

The film will have 2 theme songs “Suzume feat. Toaka” and “KANATA HALUKA” that play a crucial part in the movie. In addition to the 2 theme songs and 25 instrumental scores, the OST will also include 2 vocal tracks “Tamaki” and “Tears of Suzume.” Though 2 additional vocal tracks were not featured on the movie, they were written during the process of scoring and will allow listeners to further experience the world of “Suzume.”

OST “Suzume” is now available for pre-order/pre-save on major digital platforms worldwide.

The band has teamed up with highly acclaimed film music composer Kazuma Jinnouchi to create the perfect soundtrack and score for the film. The team of Makoto Shinkai x RADWIMPS x Kazuma Jinnouchi have taken the music to the next level of Shinkai movies. Furthermore, for the first time in Makoto Shinkai history, the recordings have taken place overseas, in the historical Abbey Road Studios (London), where most notably The Beatles have recorded their music. “A collaboration with someone of Kazuma’s caliber, having worked on both films and video games, has given me an experience I cannot describe in words. It has broadened my horizons.” As Yojiro commented, this new collaboration is also another highlight of this OST.

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RADWIMPS / Kazuma Jinnouchi
“Suzume” Motion Picture Soundtrack
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OST Info
RADWIMPS / Kazuma Jinnouchi
“Suzume” Motion Picture Soundtrack
Coming Nov. 11, 2022 worldwide 

  1. The First Encounter (RADWIMPS)
  2. Abandoned Resort (Kazuma Jinnouchi / RADWIMPS)
  3. First Aid (RADWIMPS)
  4. Cat Chase (RADWIMPS)
  5. At Night in Ferry (RADWIMPS)
  6. Cat me if you can (RADWIMPS)
  7. Abandoned School (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  8. Time for two (RADWIMPS)
  9. Hitchhike (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  10. Two Little Terrors (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  11. Dreaming on Ferris Wheel (Kazuma Jinnouchi / RADWIMPS)
  12. Soldier’s Break (RADWIMPS)
  13. Shinkansen Super Express (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  14. History of Mimizu (RADWIMPS)
  15. Significant Precursor (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  16. Sky Over Tokyo (RADWIMPS)
  17. Suzume’s Departure (Kazuma Jinnouchi / RADWIMPS)
  18. Posessed (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  19. Double Riding (RADWIMPS)
  20. It wasn’t a dream (RADWIMPS)
  21. The Other Side of the Door (Kazuma Jinnouchi / RADWIMPS)
  22. Aftermath (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  23. To be with Sota (RADWIMPS / Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  24. Prayer (Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  25. Closing the Door (RADWIMPS / Kazuma Jinnouchi)
  27. Suzume feat. Toaka (RADWIMPS)
  28. Tamaki (RADWIMPS)
  29. Tears of Suzume (RADWIMPS)

Movie Info
Theatrical Release Date (JP): Nov. 11, 2022
Title: “Suzume”
Director/Screenplay/Story: Makoto Shinkai
© 2022 “Suzume” Film Partners

“Suzume” New Official Trailer–

17-year-old Suzume’s journey begins in a quiet town in Kyushu when she encounters a young man who tells her, “I’m looking for a door.” What Suzume finds is a single weathered door standing upright in the midst of ruins as though it was shielded from whatever catastrophe struck. Seemingly drawn by its power, Suzume reaches for the knob…

Doors begin to open one after another all across Japan, unleashing destruction upon any who are near. Suzume must close these gates to prevent further disaster.
The stars
The sunset
The morning sky
Within that realm, it was as though all time had melted together in the sky

Guided by these mysterious doors, Suzume’s journey to close doors is about to begin.

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From Yojiro Noda
“I first received the offer back in Spring of 2020, right as Japan and the rest of the world was about to enter two years of uncertainty and restriction. Reading the screenplay gave me the opportunity to expand my imagination and think about what I can do with the medium of music.

Kazuma and I met recently at London’s Abbey Road Studios to record the orchestra. A collaboration with someone of Kazuma’s caliber, having worked on both films and video games, has given me an experience I cannot describe in words. It has broadened my horizons. It would be an honor to work with him again, and I am personally excited to see how the film’s score turns out.

For our female vocalist, we auditioned several talented singers, but it was the moment Toaka began to sing the opening ‘Lah la la la la la lah la~’ of the theme song ‘Suzume’ when I knew we had our star. She was the only choice for the part. I felt a connection between Toaka’s voice and this music that no one could sever. It was a pleasure to capture her vocals that only she can produce at this age and this moment in time.”

Yojiro Noda (vo/gt/pf), Akira Kuwahara (Gt), Yusuke Takeda (ba)
(Satoshi Yamaguchi (Dr) is currently on hiatus)
Formed in 2001, Japanese 4-piece band Radwimps made their major label debut in 2005. Soon after, they garnered a broad fan base, with the younger generation at the core. The band has released nine studio albums thus far. The band’s creation of music for record-breaking animated feature films “Your Name.” and “Weathering with You” led to recognitions at the Japanese Academy Award for Best Original Score. Their musical activities go far beyond Japan, including touring extensively around the world. 
In Nov. 2021, the band released their latest studio album “FOREVER DAZE” and went on the road for nationwide tour to support the album. “FOREVER DAZE” was written and recorded throughout the pandemic and speaks to the musical challenges the guys faced, their hopes moving forward and features a diverse group of collaborators and experimental elements. The album welcomed guest artists including the famous actor/singer Masaki Suda, as well as two of the most up-and-coming artists, Awich and iri

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