REAPER & Josh Rubin ‘RUNAWAY’ Bassrush Records

The mysterious drum & bass slugger hits full stride with Texan singer-songwriter on their gritty, emotion-fueled roller.

REAPER is making a break for true love on his next appearance with Bassrush Records, teaming up with the lauded singer-songwriter Josh Rubin on a high-octane drum & bass single, “RUNAWAY.”

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The unsurpassable DnB slugger is keeping the flames roaring at off-the-chart levels, as the mask-donning producer sprints out with his fifth single on the Bassrush catalog. His hot streak is burning like wildfire now, as he recruits the always memorable vocal talents of Texas-based sensation Josh Rubin. Feeding into each other’s strengths without missing a step, this unique pairing pulls out all the stops to make a clean getaway into the heart of a raging romance that’s worth leaving the rest of the world behind.

Straight off the blocks, the intensity comes to an instant boil as Rubin’s brooding vocals are delivered with an unwavering conviction. Each word is imbued with sobering sincerity, leaving no shadow of a doubt that true love harnesses the power to push people to the most extreme measures. In this case, it’s to the extent of fleeing one’s former life to escape with a soulmate. REAPER goes the extra mile to reinforce the notion with his grit-infused drive. Faint distortion rides along the fringes of this festival-ready monster, building up the weight of a freight train whose engine is powered by rollicking guitar riffs and growling bottom-end.

“‘Runaway’ is about the moment you discover a special someone, and the realization that you’d risk anything to be with them,” says REAPER. “This intense realization is represented by the hot-blooded basslines that surround Josh’s hooks.”

“The message of ‘Runaway’ can almost be completely summed up in the first line: ‘How do I wake up and find you,’ adds Josh Rubin. “Meaning how can I find the person of my dreams in real life. How do I make finding my soulmate a reality? It’s a promise to both myself and that person that when I do find them, I’ll never let them go. REAPER did such an amazing job capturing the intensity of those feelings in the music.”

Based out of the bustling music scene of Austin, Josh Rubin has carved out a sizeable chunk of real estate in the dance sphere. Meeting at the junction between pop, soul and R&B, his approach to songwriting comes across as effortless due to his extensive history playing piano and guitar. Add on the rich character of his soothing vocal tones, and it’s easy to see why he’s become a hot ticket for a long list of quality producers. He first breached into the Insomniac Music Group ecosystem by way of his haunting “Voices” feature for Syn on NIGHTMODE last year, which added to the hype he already established through appearances alongside Pixel Terror on “Crush,” Francis Derelle’s “Tell Me,” and “Calling Out” with KLAXX. 

For close to two years, REAPER has kept the faucet running with a steady stream of hard-hitting jump-up records for the Bassrush comp. He originally brought the ruckus on “Hysteria” and “Pulse” in 2020, before closing out the year with his triumphant “MAKE A MOVE.” Ferocity has been the common denominator connecting each of his creations, even as he dialed back on the aggression to explore an emotive edge on the moody number “IMY,” featuring a lush topline from Bella Renee. The label has been a huge proponent of his groundbreaking sound, and that faith is pouring over into the live events side. He’s coming off a stellar debut performance at EDC Las Vegas at the bassPOD stage (including a killer set at Camp EDC), and is currently gearing up for another run at EDC Orlando this weekend. 

REAPER and Josh Rubin hit a concerted stride on their new single “RUNAWAY,” with its appeal to emotion and floor-filling energy giving it the legs to go the distance. 

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