Richie Culver’s debut solo EP on SUPERPANG is a post-traumatic fantasy

Richie Culver and SUPERPANG join forces for release number 117 from the Italian label.

This 5-track EP unpicks a short story of having to leave the bright lights of a major city to regroup and start again from a small hometown you tried so hard to forget.

Connecting the dots we see narratives unravel.
such as the bleak fate from a customer’s perspective to a trap house. 

The vocals play out as hopeless interactions to ghosts we see in our sleep. 
Stuck in a sleep paralysis state which is oddly comforting and one you don’t want to wake up from. 

As reality is far more painful.

Artist: Richie Culver
Release: Post Traumatic Fantasy
Format:  Digital
Date: 27th May


1. Comfort zone
2. Goth night at the community centre
3. Together in heaven..dead
4. Witness protection
5. Dream about yourself