Romare announces new album with a playful single further displaying his working practice rooted in collage

Romare announces his new album Fantasy to be released in November on his newly minted label, You See. Fantasy takes a more abstract approach to sampling than his previous work, bringing his own instrumentation and vocals to the fore, while folding elements from 1970s fantasy cinema into his distinctive strain of rhythmic, off-centre electronica and kinetic club music.

As Romare, Archie Fairhurst’s working practice is rooted in collage, building vivid new forms out of existing material. Playful and immediate, but also deeply researched and compelling, his albums and performances reaching back to 2012 unfurl as a patchwork of inspirations and obsessive lines of enquiry made up of a global panoply of source material.

The second single taken from the album is ‘Walking In The Rain’. The melody from 1950s hit ‘Just Walking In The Rain’ by Riley and Bragg is reimagined among Fairhursts’ laid-back, hazy production and vocals. He remarks; “It reminds me of walking into the woods early one morning in the winter when the first snow began to fall. By the time I left the woods the snow had begun to turn to rain.” The Joyous B side ‘A Hold’ is about the warm embrace of a loved one, with gently rising melody and vocal fragments compelling the track forward, before winding away into a deconstructed trail of keys.

artist Romare
single Walking In The Rain
album Fantasy
label You See
date 19th August / album: 4th of November
format Digital, Vinyl (album)


1. Walking In The Rain
2. A Hold