Ryan Langdon Shares Rowdy New Summertime Slice of Outlaw Country, “Bad Choices”

Ryan Langdon is returning to his party anthem-country roots with “Bad Choices,” a new single created in collaboration with Finger Eleven’s Steve Molella.

Unabashedly rowdy, Langdon says that this track is about saying “I am who I am.” 

“I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind to like me, or to convince them of anything other than who I truly am,” says Langdon. “I wanted to inspire others to just be themselves. I feel like other songs often try to convince a partner or people that deep down they are something different.”

The track opens with Langdon’s admission that he’s “been known to run a few red lights,” which he has the tickets to prove. “It just makes me laugh everytime I hear it,” he says of the line.

The rollicking country rock track is upbeat and made for blasting on a highway drive at the height of summer or soundtracking a debaucherous night out.

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