Folk Artist TAYLR Reflects on Somber Single “The Blue”

Self-taught Calgary artist TAYLR is no stranger to self reflection and deep internal exploration that bold, technicolor songwriting is born from. Taking bits and pieces of R&B, jazz, folk, and indie pop, “the thinking person’s songwriter” succeeds in creating hearty melodic recipes.

Their single, “The Blue,” is a gloomy minimal yet empathetic single inspired by a previous relationship that was bound in deliberate aversion.

The two of us knew things needed to change and work needed to be done on ourselves and what we had built, but we made a silent agreement to put the blinders on and focus all of that energy into renovating our home. I wanted the song title to be the exact shade of blue that we painted our kitchen cupboards during this escapade but it felt too niche..

Stream  “The Blue” now: