S. Salter ‘Juun’ STMPD RCRDS

Today, Amsterdam-based British artist Samuel Ruddick and Berlin-based Swiss artist Jeremia Reichen, better known as S. Salter have released their debut album ‘Juun’ on STMPD RCRDS. The album also marks an important moment for STMPD RCRDS, as it sees the label breach out to a neo classical music release for the first time.  


A masterful blend of intricate piano compositions, poised production elements and carefully placed field recordings, ‘Juun’ tells a story of nostalgia, with tracks that evoke a longing for home whilst in the midst of solitude and a search for the familiar. 

Not going unnoticed, S. Salter will also be featured on the official ‘Piano Day 2023’ record, an annual event showcasing some of the most talented and forward-thinking composers and creators in the world, created by Nils Frahm and Leiter Verlag. 

Influenced by his native South West England, Samuel’s compositions are brought to life with the help of Berlin-based artist Jeremia Reichen, who added his signature sound design and production techniques to the project, using an array of analogue equipment. The result is a distinct sound that has already earned significant attention, with singles from the album receiving support from Spotify and BBC Radio. 

Integral to Juun’s story is the use of field recordings that have created a vivid and immersive soundscape. Locations that have inspired the songs on the album, such as empty Berlin metro stations at night and rainy Dutch forests, have been used throughout the album.

The album is the result of a collaboration that has been years in the making. Samuel and Jeremia met eight years ago while working event production for music festivals in Switzerland. Despite having distinct styles that varied from the other, the pair continued to discuss the idea of collaborating musically until early 2020 when Samuel sent the first piano demo to Jeremia, and S. Salter was formed. Over the next year, the two worked tirelessly on the project, making trips back and forth between Amsterdam and Berlin to complete it.

‘Juun’ is a stunning debut that showcases the talent and creativity of S.Salter. With its intricate piano compositions, masterful production, and carefully crafted story, it’s an album that’s not to be missed.

Tracklist Juun:

  1. Nightflying
  2. 18.41
  3. Juun 1 (Uun)
  4. Second Sleep
  5. Current
  6. Arterier
  7. Juun 2 (Diw)
  8. The Machine Stops
  9. Grove
  10. Juun 3 (Teyr)
  11. Swim
  12. Outo