Sanoi, Beacon Bloom “Club Jesus”

Prepare to enter Club Jesus lead by the amazing creatives Sanoi & Beacon  Bloom; a club for those daring to experience unique flows and epic builds, a  record that will satisfy all melodic needs.  

Sanoi originally from Berlin finds himself living in New Zealand where he meets  the insane talents of the Beacon Bloom crew…the rest is history. An instant  connection in the studio, free flowing ideas, synth jam sessions, extreme fun  had all around to create a unique vocal story right here for Zerothree. 

‘Club Jesus’ aims to challenge the way you think about progressive music, a  song, a creative piece that steps outside of the boundaries and comfort zones  in all the right ways.  

Are you prepared to enter Club Jesus?!  

This is Sanoi, This is Beacon Bloom… This is REALPROG

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