Scotland’s Ekwols Returns to Evolution Chamber With Killer New Single “Drowning”

Edinburgh’s Ekwols triumphantly returns to Evolution Chamber with his latest track, ‘Drowning’. This Drum & Bass masterpiece defies conventions and pushes boundaries, showcasing Ekwols’ exceptional talent. The track takes listeners on a symphonic journey through emotion and sound, with captivating vocals and an interplay that keeps them hooked. ‘Drowning’ expresses gratitude to those who’ve been pillars of strength, encapsulating the profound impact of that one person who consistently pulls you back from the brink. You can buy/stream here:

Ekwols’ unique sound and soul-stirring vocals are woven seamlessly into ‘Drowning’. His vocals serve as a narrator and conduit of emotion, guiding listeners through a mesmerising tale. The track’s first drop features a captivating call-and-response dance, culminating in an awe-inspiring synth-line section that tugs at heartstrings. The electrifying second drop intensifies the tempo, igniting a fiery dancefloor energy that will enrapture audiences.

Ekwols’ mastery of mood manipulation and ability to craft intricate narratives within sound establish him as a true musical virtuoso. His unique sound, energy, and skilful artistry make him an integral part of Evolution Chamber. ‘Drowning’ is not just a track; it’s a testament to the limitless potential of electronic music in the hands of a visionary artist.

Ekwols’ “Drowning” is available to buy/stream from 15th September 2023 via Evolution Chamber.