Seizo x Endling ‘Outta Love’ NITRON

SEIZO, celebrated for his eclectic fusion of house, techno, and bass music, collaborates with ENDLING, the fresh project helmed by artist Jamal Dilmen. over two decades, Jamal, as ENDLING, showcases his prowess as a producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. 

Their collaboration blossomed from mutual admiration and a moment of shared vulnerability. When they convened in early April, the duo initially aimed to produce a melodic techno anthem. Yet, personal heartbreaks and open-hearted discussions reshaped their vision, leading to the birth of “Outta Love”

While the track pulses with an upbeat tempo, it also bears the emotional weight of the recent breakups both artists navigated. Drawing from genuine text messages and raw sentiments, the lyrics explore the intricate dance of love and loss. And even with its profound emotional undertones, “Outta Love” exudes a sense of hope and rejuvenation, showcasing the duality of heartache and the rejuvenating power of music. “Outta Love” transcends being just a song; it mirrors a poignant moment, a bond formed between two artists, and the enchantment stemming from unforeseen collaborations.