Sempra returns to Future Classic with the ‘Call Me’ EP, five tracks of euphoric breakbeat bliss.

‘I Like That (Jungle Music)’ opens Sempra’s ‘Call Me’ EP on Future Classic with crisp, racy drums and a hushed vocal. It’s a true homage to ‘90s breakbeat and hardcore, with dreamy synths and pitched-up vocals at the forefront, while a dark reese bass sneaks up on the track’s euphoric arrangement throughout. The title track ‘Call Me’ then continues with more brightly sung lyrics carefully laid on top of a subtle garage beat complemented by lush, dubbed-out chords influenced by R&B.

Next up is ‘Embrace’, another contemporary rhythm and blues-inspired track fused with jungle tempos. The drums hit hard, juxtaposed with a joyful vocal and Sempra’s signature chord sampling. In this overwhelmingly glistening release, breakbeat anthem ‘Tender Love (Need Your Kiss)’ rears its head with a dash of darkness in the form of a ripping reese bass, once again offset by pretty melodies and impassioned vocals. The aptly named ‘Goodbye’ then has its rave stabs switched out for chopped-up soul instrumentals, making for a high-tempo yet organic dance track closing out this stellar offering, a package which proves yet again why Sempra is one of jungle’s most exciting emerging producers

“‘Call Me’ is a body of work I’m really proud of, and is a great continuation of the evolution of my sound as a fusion of my many influences. I believe the release represents my progression in not only my songwriting and chord progressions but also my engineering and how to get the tracks perfect for in and out of the club. I hope you enjoy listening to it, as much as I did making it!” – Sempra

Bristol-based DJ and producer Sempra has been honing his craft for the last ten years, making quality music spanning jungle, hardcore, garage and R&B. With releases on labels like Coco Bryce’s Myor and his own Draconian Audio, he made his debut on the influential Australian Future Classic label in 2022 with the ‘If It’s True’ EP. Now, Sempra returns to the imprint known for artists like Flume and SOPHIE with the ‘Call Me’ EP, continuing to play his part in the bustling UK garage scene and jungle resurgence while winning the support of exciting artists like Nia ArchivesAmy Dabbs and Denham Audio.

Sempra ‘Call Me’ releases 15th September 2023, with the title track dropping 18th August 2023


01 I Like That (Jungle Music)
02 Call Me
03 Embrace
04 Tender Love (I Need Your Kiss)
05 Goodbye