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Serhat Durmus Releases Acoustic Version of Hit Single ‘Arres’

Played by String Quartet at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm arranged by Henrik Lindström.

Turkish bass producer Serhat Durmus released his debut album ‘Arres’ in June on Amuse to much acclaim. Today, he has unveiled an acoustic version of the album’s title track, played by a string quartet and pianist at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. The acoustic version is paired with a video of the recording process, a unique perspective on how Serhat’s songwriting translates across a wide spectrum of genres and instrumentation. The strings were arranged by composer Henrik Lindström, who conducts the strings and also plays accompanying piano in the video. 

After years of honing in on his signature bass sound, Serhat Durmus released his debut album in June, an amalgamation of throbbing basslines, atmospheric soundscapes, fragile toplines, and ethnic instrumentation. The album was an homage to Ares, the God of War, and also his girlfriend Serra, who’s name spelled backwards is Arres; thus a deeply personal project.

Serhat Durmus tapped Melanie Fontana for vocals on the title track, a Grammy-nominated vocalist who has worked with the likes of BTS and Dua Lipa. The single has since amassed millions of streams ,and Serhat recently released an official remix of the track by Swedish producer John Dahlbäck. Melanie’s vocals are given even more room to breathe in the acoustic rendition, exemplifying her powerful voice that accentuates the emotion of the track. 

With over 2.2M monthly Spotify listeners, Serhat Durmus remains a valued contributor in the global electronic music space. He stands as one of the only Turkish producers to ascend from the local scene and continues to cement his status as a high-caliber electronic producer. With a constant ambition to develop his sound and build a deeper connection with those who inspire him the most, ‘Arres’ marks a pivotal chapter in Serhat’s evolving story.