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Shadow Child and Krywolf present M.F.S: Observatory ‘De Bob’ EP on Food Music Label (Premiere)

M.F.S: Observatory - De Bob ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

A fantastic year for the dynamic pair, delivering some of their finest work and playing gigs in
UK, Italy and Barcelona. There are not many more faces in the booth that can provide this big room sounds as well as these two. As well as all this they go full steam ahead with their own label Observatory Music which features themselves and fellow friends and producers. 2019 could not of gone better for them, and 2020 is all for the taking for them. Check out their recent Beatport live here…

Artist: M.F.S: Observatory
Title: De Bob
Label: Food Music UK
1. De Bob
2. Acid Sprint
3. Neutra
Cat: YUM058
Format: Digital
Release date: 29th November